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Jewel Styles - Pussy Present

Posted on: March 27, 2017
Pussy Present

Some girls stress about what to get their boyfriends for their birthdays, but not Jewel. She has the perfect package in mind-her tight vagina! Forget watches and ties and shoes. All guys really want is to cum hard from fucking a hot, little chick. And Jewel is as hot as they get. She has a pretty, exotic face, a fit body and a pink slit that looks so tight. Watch her as she uses her tongue to trace a trail from the bottom of this guy's balls to the top of his cock. "You're so deep inside me," she says while taking his cock from behind. She's beautiful and horny. We think you'll agree that every moment in this scene with Jewel is a ball-tingler!

Pussy Present

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Felicia Clover - Sex Ed

Posted on: March 23, 2017
Sex Ed

Fresh-faced, apple-cheeked and curvaceous Felicia Clover as a naughty coed? Absolutely! Voluptuous editor Maria G. came up with this schoolgirl idea for top-stretching, pear-assed Felicia. The British and the Japanese may have the lock on hot schoolgirls, but Ms. Clover's video and photo set moves the USA up a notch in the International Busty Schoolgirls Race. We asked Felicia if guys like her big boobs or her shapely butt the most. "I think they love my boobs a little more than they love my ass, but a lot of guys have told me that because my boobs are so big, they make my butt look just a little bit smaller," Felicia said. Maria even gets to measure Felicia in this vid, one of the perks of being an editor. Like being in the clover? There's more of coed Felicia in the Voluptuous Dressing Room.

Sex Ed

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Nikki Sexton - Get On Your Knees And Crawl To Me

Posted on: March 21, 2017
Get On Your Knees And Crawl To Me

"I'm going to put on a little show for you with my pretty stockings and some baby oil. Watch closely as I fondle the heel of my shoe and stroke my tight cunt, all while licking my knees and thighs. You want more, don't you, you dirty, little pig? Get on your knees and crawl to me. Lay on the floor and look up at me as I cum. Then, when I am finished, you can give me your tribute. But not a moment before. If you spill one drop before, you'll pay! I will trample your sorry excuse for a cock with my shoes."

Get On Your Knees And Crawl To Me

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Cock-Loving Blonde

Posted on: March 20, 2017
Cock-Loving Blonde

This video opens with Alana getting a nice, wet finger fucking. "When your twat is as tight as mine, it needs to be fingered first." She's going to fuck her guy friend, but before she gives this guy the pleasure of her twat, she gives him the pleasure of her mouth. This blonde beach bunny is a great cock sucker, taking it to the back of her throat and getting his dick nice and slick with her spit. You can tell she likes having a cock in her mouth. And she definitely likes having a cock in her twat. She rubs her clit while bouncing up and down on his rod, then turns around for some hot cowgirl riding. And for her final treat, Alana sticks out her tongue for a sticky wad that completely coats her face.

Cock-Loving Blonde

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Venera's Bikini Blitz

Posted on: March 17, 2017
Venera's Bikini Blitz

"I am an exhibitionist," December '11 SCORE covergirl Venera admits. "Definitely. I like it when men look at me, which is something I didn't always like. I was always covering myself up when I was younger. It was hard getting so much attention. But I got used to it when I started modeling. Because of modeling and the webcam, I learned not to be shy about how I looked. I learned to be proud of my body. I started to show myself off." When Venera enters the picture wearing a teeny bikini and heels, it's okay to fall out of your chair. Just the sight of her 32H boobs barely supported by her bikini top is enough to make your brain lock-up, if not crash. If you do, just re-boot your head and keep watching. Venera is anxious to get her suit off so she can oil up her mindblowing, incredibly slim body and pleasurize her nipples and twat. If Venera's first SCORELAND Special "Meet Venera" didn't convince you that she's one of the best models you'll ever see, what Venera does here should push you over the edge. "I love it when I go on camera. I love to be watched. I love to pose." Venera really is a living Venus.

Venera's Bikini Blitz

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Maxxin' Out!

Posted on: March 16, 2017
Maxxin' Out!

At 3:34 into the video "Maxxin' Out!", the amazing Kristi Maxx bounces her tits up and down with her bra still on so that they drop into the cups, then fly up again. Colleges should show this video in physics classes to demonstrate Newton's law. Kristi's breast play is pure fun. Kristi's lovely hands eventually head further south where she rubs one out hard and she even fingers her butthole too. "I don't do this very often," Kristi admits. "I am like a guy," web-cammer Kristi said about fapping. "I either have to do it first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed." Once Miss Maxx has completed her melodic finger concerto, she resumes her energized demonstration of huge, natural tits in eye-popping motion. Kristi says she likes to go bowling. We'd like to check that out one of these days. Here's a girl who should be seen in 3D! Warning: the flying tits in this video may cause dizziness and vertigo! Thank you, Kristi!

Maxxin' Out!

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"Pick me Up and Poke Me."

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Lives: Miami Beach, Florida; Occupation: Hotel office worker; Age: 23; Born: November 23; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: No thanks; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Sometimes.

"When I decided that I wanted to experience the big dick of one of The SCORE Group's studs, I was really pleased when they introduced me to Johnny and got us to play a little game about me being picked up," said Katya. "That made the whole thing even more fun. It was awesome to have my coochy stuffed and be with a guy who wanted me to enjoy fucking just as much as he did." Check out the photos as well.

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Masie Dee - Going, going...gone!

Posted on: March 13, 2017
Going, going...gone!

Lives: Leeds, England; Occupation: City office worker; Age: 26; Born: July 28; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 145 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: Always see-through; Anal: A lot; BJs: Swallow it all; Diddle: Sometimes.

This is her second appearance on The first was at the end of November. More photos and a video have been posted since then. But there won't be any more hairy postings for all you pubes-lovers to enjoy because, as you will see in this video, she shaves them off and ends up bare down there! Sorry fellers! 

Going, going...gone!

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Marilyn Mayson - The Gift

Posted on: March 10, 2017
The Gift

Kicking off the New Year, sexy and hot XLGirls newcomer Marilyn Mayson is back and ready for sexing in "The Gift." And what a gift.

What is "The Gift?" Is it the lingerie that Marilyn has stashed in her handbag to surprise her bed buddy?

In our opinion, "The Gift is Marilyn herself. She gets out of her clothes and changes into her new purple maid lingerie, leaving her eyeglasses on. (A nice touch. Marilyn makes eyeglasses look sexy.)

Her bud goes bonkers when he sees her and doesn't give her much of a chance to parade around and tease him in her new finery. In a few seconds, he's buried between her legs, licking her pink vagina and clit, then fingering her.

Marilyn reaches out to play with his horn, sucking it, stroking it, squeezing it. She lies back on the bed, head towards him so he can reverse titty-fuck her, his balls in her mouth as his cock locomotives between her marvelous mountains.

Marilyn wants his dick inside her. Who could resist? And if a man could resist, Marilyn wouldn't be in the same bedroom with him. He eagerly mounts her and begins to pump her gorgeous body as the waves of pleasure begin. She will get everything he has to give and a big load of man-sauce for dessert!

The Gift

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Pheona Monroe - Coat My Throat

Posted on: March 08, 2017
Coat My Throat

Some girls are all talk and no action. Pheona Monroe is the exact opposite. She's all action and no talk. She would rather apply her lips to her nipples and then onto her date's cock and balls than talk. Then pull her pants and top down frantically to get down to business. Pheona gets on her knees, ass up, so Levi can finger-bang her and wet that pink coochy-hole up. Still on her knees, partially clothed, Pheona gets fed cock. Her deep-throating technique is displayed immediately as she gets down to the root, all of his shaft down her throat. She gets on her back so he can fuck her face. Pheona spreads out on the bed and opens her legs. Levi repays her with head, licking her coochy and getting her even wetter. Now at the point of no return, he begins fucking Pheona hard sideways and that's for starters. The pounding has only begun. Welcome a new hot chick, Pheona Monroe.

Coat My Throat

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Dominique - Your Punishment

Posted on: March 06, 2017
Your Punishment

Dominique is a demanding bitch of a boss who treats her employees like trash. She yells and screams and makes them jump through all the hoops she can. She barely gives them breaks. You wonder why they stick around, don't you? Maybe it's because they understand that a woman in power is not only sexy, but the fact that she dominates makes for some serious, on-edge, sexual anticipation. Watch as this employee bides his time until he can wet Dominique's legs, pushing her to force him to his knees to clean up his mess. And on his knees before his goddess' gams is exactly where he wants to be.

Your Punishment

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Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

Posted on: March 01, 2017
Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

Just follow her bouncing boobs! Jolie Rain bouncing on a work-out ball keeps the buxom redhead in excellent physical shape as well as provides cock stiffening quality entertainment for her tit-loving friend who's loving her exertions. As Jolie's breasts bounce, her pussy is stimulated also which leads to an abrupt end to her exercises. They hit the couch for a bout of high-energy fucking and sucking. She wraps her lips around his dipstick and the action never stops. After such a dynamic work-out session, Jolie could use a protein shake to replenish her and she gets it all over her face. It's draining just watching her. Where's Jolie Rain been? She was in Iraq in the army serving her country. Now she's back and her breasts are bigger, always a good thing at SCORELAND. Now that she's home in America, the girl from Cajun country spends her time training in mixed martial arts, auto maintenance, practicing her shooting (Jolie's a weapons expert), mixology, video games and cooking. She's a well-rounded vixen. Welcome back, Jolie Rain.

Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

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This cost her a boyfriend

Posted on: February 27, 2017
This cost her a boyfriend

Lives: Ottawa, Canada; Occupation: Graphic arts student; Age: 20; Born: July 25; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Finger or tongue, that's it; BJs: Usually spit; Diddle: Before I go to sleep.

"I was really into fucking for the camera and being on and in the magazine," said Kalie. "I tried to get my boyfriend to go with me to fuck me, but he got performance anxiety just sitting on his couch," so he told me to go do a pro. He said he wouldn't be at all jealous and looked forward to seeing me in action. Then, the day before I was to leave for Miami, he dumped me. But I did it and had the most awesome sex I think I'll ever have. Yes, it was worth losing a boyfriend to experience it." Check out the photos, too.

This cost her a boyfriend

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Alura Jenson - Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

Posted on: February 24, 2017
Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

There are a few things you need to know about ultra-stacked blonde sex-bomb Alura Jenson from North Las Vegas. A fresh SCORE magazine model (June '13 SCORE), Alura is a shapely stripper with huge boobs at the world-famous Palomino Club, the only all-nude dancer club in that city that serves liquor. There, in that palace of pulchritude, Alura struts her sweet, sexy stuff while the patrons watching her sit, sip and grow enough wood to stock a furniture warehouse. Alura has been dancing for Mr. Largo here in the SCORE VIP Room and when her stopless set is over, she gets off the little stage and goes crazy-wild on his stiffie on the adjoining couch. Anything goes in this VIP room. He has hit the jackpot with this bodaciously brazen and bold babe. There is no hotter couch dance than this. Alura jerks his rod with a talented hand and blows it with a talented, experienced mouth. This dancer really loves the cock. She squeezes her big boobs together, his dick between them and fucks it. Alura and Mr. Largo are ready to screw. She climbs on his lap, shoves his longhorn into her fuckin' stripper twat and rides it like it's the bucking bronco at a western bar. That's just the beginning of the ride. Can you handle Alura Jenson? You'll need all of your strength to keep her satisfied but she promises you the thrills of a lifetime. Forget the tip and give her the shaft! Let it ride. Alura's payoff will be worth it all. It's no gamble. She's a sure thing.

Boom-Boom In The VIP Room

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Carmen Callaway - The Meat in a Cock Sandwich

Posted on: February 21, 2017
The Meat in a Cock Sandwich

When studying gets too frustrating, a nice, little three-way is the perfect way to blow off some steam. And this isn't just any kind of three-way, it's one with two guys and one girl--a rarity here at! Carmen is the perfect girl to be the meat in a cock sandwich. She's loving every second of it. Deep-throating while getting her twat fingered and fucked is her ultimate pleasure. The guys spin her around and switch sides. Now Carmen is sucking her twat juice off the cock that was just fucking her. After getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey she gets on her knees and takes a double load to the face with a big smile!

The Meat in a Cock Sandwich

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"Jack To Me!"

Posted on: February 20, 2017

"As long as I can remember, I've always gotten so turned on by the idea of guys watching me and playing with themselves. There was this neighbor guy who I used to tease all the time. I'd be outside washing my car and I could see him watching me from the window, so I'd take off my shirt and shorts and be there in nothing but a bikini, sticking my ass out in his direction. Then later at night I would finger my twat, thinking of how he was probably jacking off and thinking of me, too. I hope the guys who watch my video think of me the same way."

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Mae Loves Hard Cocks

Posted on: February 17, 2017
Mae Loves Hard Cocks

Tiny teen Mae shows you just how much she loves hard cocks in this video. She gets down on her knees and fits as much of that meat into her mouth as she can. She uses her hand to jack the rest of the shaft. Mae licks it all over and bobs her head up and down. As soon as that cock goes into her cooch she moans because of how much it stretches out her tight hole. How such a tiny girl can take such a big rod, we'll never know.

Mae Loves Hard Cocks

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Barbi Banks - This butthole for rent

Posted on: February 16, 2017
This butthole for rent

Barbi Banks, 48, has a room for rent. She's getting the place ready. She just happens to be doing so while wearing a pair of cut-off jeans shorts that exposes 50% of her butt cheeks. The potential renter is pretty sure he's interested in the room, and he's definitely interested in her ass.

Barbi believes in the hard sell. She strokes her prospective renter's arm than reaches down to stroke his cock. She needs a man who can help her around the house.

"Does this come with my rental?" he asks her while she takes his cock out.

"Let's see if there's something we can work out," she says. "Would that be okay?"

Damn right it is. But what the renter doesn't know yet is that Barbi has room in her ass!

To recap: Barbi is 48 years old. She's divorced. She's from California. She was sent to us by her daughter, Nikki. We don't think Nikki knew about the anal. Heck, she probably didn't know that her mom was renting out her room to guys who will fuck her ass, either.

This butthole for rent

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Zeta's Natural Knockers

Posted on: February 14, 2017
Zeta's Natural Knockers

Zeta Verrone is a model wife. She's a wife who models! The best of both worlds. New XLGirl Zeta took her first plunge by the stiff wood in Zeta Always Comes First. Now Zeta's back for a second fling with another stranger and she looks like she's enjoying every second of it. We must thank Zeta's tit-lovin' hubby and SCORE Group fan for their generosity. Most guys are not the sharing type unless they're into swinging. "It started with my husband," Zeta said. "He asked if we could sell shots of my boobs because he really likes them. So he did all the research and it just went from there, and I got into it. He really likes girls built like me, and as I'm getting into modeling I'm finding there are a lot of guys out there that like curvier girls." This is often the case. Even with the amazing power of the Internet the past 15 years, a lot of big-boobed girls don't know that the tit-man cult exists and loves photos and videos of busty, plush babes. "For a long time I didn't believe my husband when he told me that he liked my body the way it was, but I was finally able to accept it. And I was totally fine with being here, whereas before I'd probably be really shy and trying to hide somewhere." Luckily for us, Zeta didn't hide her valuables at XLGirls. And she is one hot chick, very sexually talented and assertive. Some wives, like SCORE Girl Kelly Christiansen, tell us they watch their videos and look at the photos with their hubs. Does Zeta?

Zeta's Natural Knockers

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All Up In That Ass

Posted on: February 13, 2017
All Up In That Ass

Alayah Sashu has the kind of ass that we here at can stand behind. And when we mean stand behind, we mean, pipe from the back! Here we see Alayah offering up her vagina and that phat ass for some serious fucking. She gives up her tight choco-highway because Alayah is an ass slut. "Most men only care about my ass," Alayah said. "Even when I'm sucking their cocks, you can tell that they can't wait to turn me around and get a piece of my ass. That's okay, but I thought most guys liked blowjobs best." Not really, Alayah, most men like ass best. And this stud knows that, too. He is all over Alayah's ass the first second he gets and then he is in that ass, too. He fucks her ass for all it's worth and then he hoses it down with all of us would.

All Up In That Ass

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Siri - Siri, Will You Sex Me?

Posted on: February 09, 2017
Siri, Will You Sex Me?

One of the candidates in both SCORE and Voluptuous magazine's Newcomer of the Year 2012 contests, Siri is one of the hottest big-boobed blondes to ever high-heel it into the SCORE studio. There is no contest when it comes to that. She's been knocking them out of the park since she started. In this eXXXcellent video, beautiful Siri is looking more tasty than ever in a neon-green fishnet dress that defies description. It must be seen to be believed and is strictly for wearing in the bedroom or in a strip club. She is the perfect fuck-doll. We're surprised that Doc Johnson hasn't molded a love doll or a latex beaver in her likeness. If the Mayan calendar is accurate, at least stunt-cock Tony can say that he fucked Siri, one of the greatest achievements a man could accomplish. She makes the cock as hard as a rhino horn! The hard fucking, tit-screwing and cum-eating is off the charts. "From the time I was 19, I dated women," says Siri who is 24. "Well, I mean I dated women exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I stopped dating women and I went through my slut phase where I was obsessed with men. Well, I think that every girl goes through a slut phase. Mine just happened after I was a lesbian for a little bit." Siri is making up for that lost time with guys by sexing it up in hot and nasty scenes like this!

Siri, Will You Sex Me?

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Summer Lovin

Posted on: February 07, 2017
Summer Lovin

Leah is a sexy MILF who woke up one day, divorced and bored and in need of some serious sexual satisfaction. She decided that she would no longer deny her urge to get some fine, young dude to fill up her tight asshole with his cock. But where to get some anal lovin', she pondered? Then it came to her. "I wanted some big, hard dick and where else could I get that all the time but by becoming a porn star?" says Leah with a laugh. "Now I get dicked down by young, hung studs and I love my job. Where else can you cum and get your asshole played with and fucked and get paid for it? This is my dream job and every time I get my asshole slammed and my crack coated, I wonder why I didn't think of this years ago."

Summer Lovin

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Alexa's at your service...for anal!

Posted on: February 06, 2017
Alexa's at your service...for anal!

Now this is our idea of a housekeeper! At first, Alexa Rae seems kind of modest. She's wearing a traditional, blue maid's outfit that goes down below her knees. Nothing racy about that. We can see a little bit of cleavage, but it's not like her boobs are in our face. There's really nothing going on here that suggests what's about to happen. Alexa is doing her job. Dusting. Cleaning up around the house. Tony, who hurt his knee, is lounging on the couch, trying to watch some TV.

"I know you're getting bored with the same old things," Alexa says to Tony. "Anything you need done?"

She starts stroking his hair.

"I'm okay," he says.

"I can certainly help out with a few other things," Alexa says. "Maybe change your dressing. Maybe help with a bath or anything like that."

A bath?

Alexa starts unbuttoning her dress.

"You tell me what you need," she says as she shimmies up to Tony. "You're the injured one."

She's wearing a sexy purple bra and panties, stockings and a garter belt. Tony is going to feel a lot better very soon.

Quick vitals on Alexa: 48 years old. Married. Lives in Kentucky. Likes getting fucked in her ass. Is going to get ass-fucked in this scene, her first video at

Enjoy. Then maybe look into hiring a housekeeper.

Alexa's at your service...for anal!

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Dolly's Bikini Delight

Posted on: February 03, 2017
Dolly's Bikini Delight

With the summer Olympics being held in London, SCORE has its own British candidate to offer and her name is Dolly Delight, a girl with a slim body made for string bikinis and who would be perfect for the Big-Boob Olympics. Dolly likes "cheeky chappies" with a good sense of humor, a take-charge personality and who can "throw me around the bedroom. "I'm not into any kind of particular look," Dolly explains. "I learned a long time ago that it's much better to judge a person by what's inside of them then what's outside. I mean, people used to think I was a geek and used to ignore me just because of how I looked. I like a proper guy who makes me laugh and says, 'Alright, doll, can I buy you a drink?' A bit cheeky. That turns me on. I like it. Dolly is that rare sort of bird who is not only a model but a songbird as well. She travels to different countries and sings with a band at hotel clubs and lounges. "I'm a bit of a blonde girly," says Dolly. She's the adventurous type and likes spontaneous eruptions of passion. "I was at a gig and one of my band mates was fit so we ended up getting filthy in the dressing room before the gig," Dolly remembered with a smile. "I also love a bit of girly fun. I'd love to make a video with another SCORE Girl!"

Dolly's Bikini Delight

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Posted on: February 01, 2017

Rachel Love, a busty babydoll who really knows what men like, talks about the state of being dick-drunk and her recent experiences with dick-drunkeness at SCORE. No, Dick-drunk is not the name of a new porn performer. "It's a good thing," says Rachel about dick-drunkeness. "Dick-drunk is when you got more than you expected and you get pumped a few too many times to the point where you feel like you're drunk when you get up." That sounds similar to a girl getting fucked senseless. "Your head knows that your beaver is nice and filled and it just sends off endorphins that are euphoric. So you're drunk on cock. And you're going to be stupid for the rest of the day." Rachel talks about Mamazon and her other videos at SCORELAND and how she would dream about big cocks chasing her after fucking in those scenes. Rachel talks about tasting her beaver juices off the cocks that pump her. Mr. Largo, her fuck-buddy from "Gimme An F!", contributes his member to the interview so Rachel can get some more sucks in. When this happens, you will witness Rachel actually getting dick-drunk again on-camera with every passing second as she makes mouth-love to his man-tool and does the interview with SCORE editor Dave at the same time. Dick-drunk. It might be time to call The Kinsey Institute. This is the scientific discovery of the year in the field of sexology. Thank you for contributing to the development of humanity's knowledge, Miss Love.

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